UrbanThrive Infrastructure


Ecologically Resilient Infrastructure

Ewaters is applying UrbanThrive design principals to international projects.  Ewaters engineers have lead projects in China for the planning, design, and construction of their "Sponge Cities", in New Zealand for water sensitive stormwater infrastructure and the US commercial, residential and industrial Low Impact Designs.

UrbanThrive infrastructure is the application of a holistic water sensitive approach applied through the synergy of LID, eco hydrology, biomimicry and permaculture principles. It must consider opportunities for water reuse and reclamation as well as the need for balancing the demands of domestic, commercial and agricultural users.

UrbanThrive infrastructure provides flood risk reduction, promotes groundwater recharge, enhances water quality through passive ecologically sound methods, such as wetland development, whilst increasing water availability and reducing demand.

Currently we are applying UrbanThrive to several Sponge cities in China implemented as retrofits for cities with existing stormwater challenges as well as for the management planning, design and construction of entirely new cities located in regions of water scarcity.