Flood Risk Management


Flood risk management

Flood risk management truly relates to reducing and managing uncertainties due to catchment wide extreme rainfall events interfacing with communities complex infrastructure. The keys to managing these uncertainties are effectively identifying flood risks and their sources.  

Ewaters engineers successfully achieve this through utilising the best available geospatial data, historical information, confirmed by ground-trothing and integrated with state of the art hydrologic and hydraulic modelling technologies.

Appropriate computer models are essential to gain sufficient knowledge and understanding of flood risk. However, with so many variables involved, to estimate or predict flood severities, it is critical that models are built based on a clear understanding of the physical hydraulic systems as well as the complete hydrological conditions. 

Living Flood Risk Models

Flood risk is a combination of the likelihood (chance) that a flood event occurs, and the consequences from flood damage. We create living flood risk models by combining hydraulic outputs, hydrologic conditions and comprehensive community/ecological consequences with automated geo-spatial risk models.

Living flood risk models enable us to more cost effectively test possible solutions and equitably measure them.  Providing clear management plan soundly rooted in science and transparent We deliver Our bottom-up approach, in which the levels of risk are built up from all the significant sources of damage and loss of life.