GIS - Geo Spatial Data Analytics

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Spatial analysis

There are many and varied uses for water resources data.  Data analysis is critical for any type water resources management and nearly all aspects of the environment and economy uses water information for planning, development or operational purposes.  Due to its basic necessity water can be difficult to value even in relative monetary terms, but it is absolutely certain that as competition for water increases, water information grows in value. 

The main demands of the water resources analysis for residential, industrial and agricultural are can be determined from historical water-use data. We use this data to distinguish between consumptive and non-consumptive use as well as the demand (perceived or real), actual water use and total water availability. It is important to also distinguish between the demand or perceived need for water, the actual amount of water withdrawn or extracted and the amount of that water that is actually used for the purpose intended.  This information becomes building blocks for our 1D/2D models for stormwater, wastewater and river models as well as irrigation models.  

Our geo spatial analytics capability stretches beyond water resource management and can assist councils, developers, planners and civil engineers.  If the data is available we can work together woth our clients to establish objectives and define algorithms to make short work of large analytics task or automate repeated tasks to improve your organisations efficiency.